The strategy

Building a sustainable economy requires equal focus on:

1) Generate Robust job growth by maximizing opportunities to produce and sell products and services to existing business, developing and / or relocated;

2) Maintain leadership in sustainability through continuous efforts to produce an innovative economic environment that stimulates creativity and invention;

3) Making broad based prosperity by stimulating economic activity in rural, urban and throughout the region.

The three strategy components overlap in several ways:

1) efficient development of labor increases employment opportunities for residents of the neighborhood;

2) innovation in metamorphosed from local expertise, which can then be sold abroad by companies in Transylvania Lands;

3) successful business based collaboration can access national and international markets and lead to an increase of jobs in the companies involved.


Tourism and services sector firms produce quality jobs. Transylvania Lands Group intends to maximize opportunities for these firms by expanding exports, supporting the innovation efforts of higher education institutions and align workforce development to suit the needs qualification.

The group will be involved in Transylvania Lands concentrate resources on increasing competitiveness of enterprises in tourism and services and advanced manufacturing sectors and seeks to increase the share of employment employed in these sectors, from 56.3% to 65% of the population aged between 15 and 64 years in the region in the next five years.


Group sectors will start on the next generation of innovation and investment in construction and Farming, including the establishment of the first online tourism academies in Romania and will complement these investments, paying equal function as a center for arts, culture and ecology.


The success of this ambitious strategy requires aligning objectives and funding priorities between organizations and between jurisdictions and a reinvention of the use of economic development funds. Transylvania Lands Group will work with public and private sector partners throughout the region to implement the actions recommended strategy A grant effective strategy should provide support operating for many years key initiatives to fund the growth of existing businesses, capital investment for start-ups and enterprises in developing, funding strategic investment to start new programs and facilitate collaboration and regulations and policies to provide financial incentives for businesses.

Only 35% of the total funds allocated to economic development are absorbed in Transylvania, 2007-2013.